kishor club shikkhaloy


kishor club shikkhaloy

Education changes the lives of children by assisting them in overcoming poverty. This leads to good well-being and increased earning power. Many children would be stuck in a life of poverty and misery if they did not have it. Disadvantaged children in our society grow up with many problems, but they do not have access to education. It is possible to make a child ideal through education. 

From this concern, it is a matter of great concern that it is crucial to bring about an effective solution to make them educated; thus, the “Kishor Club Shikkhaloy” came forward to solve the problem as their primary initiative working with the most impoverished children in our society. 

Our objective 

We have created such an educational platform where poor students get quality education within their economic reach. 

We teach more than 100 students to ensure quality in their education. In return, we take their love and respect, which inspire us to go beyond. We give students financial comfort in their educational section.

 We start this project in our apartment, and a teacher is appointed to render educational services. He takes classes near about 15 days a month and also liable to ensure the quality.

 Students get learnt through our educational courses at a minimal cost that works as supplements relating to their educational institutions. 

As our project has been designed to render quality educational services to the poor, it has several impacts. Like, it puts the parents ease in their financial area, it helps society get human assets, and students can build their skills through our project. 

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