Donate for thalassemia patient rehabilitation and prevent thalassemia


Donate for thalassemia patient rehabilitation and prevent thalassemia

Many of us know that Thalassemia is a hereditary disease, both parents are born in Thalassemia career, and children were born to be Thalassemia patients. The number of thalassemia patients in the country is unknown due to a lack of official data or calculations. According to the World Health Organization, Thalassemia affects 8% of Bangladesh's population or 11 million people. Via intermarriage, this large number of thalassemia carriers gives birth to 7,000 new thalassemia babies each year [1]. By checking the blood before marriage, it is possible to avoid Thalassemia by avoiding two carriers' marriage. Raising knowledge is also essential. Besides, government efforts are needed to combat the disease [2].

Time Aid Foundation(TAF) and Dr. Edric Baker  Human Welfare Association have taken the initiative to test for thalassemia carriers (Hemoglobin electrophoresis). This is the first such initiative on our part in Bangladesh. We think that raising awareness alone will not be able to control Thalassemia in Bangladesh. Until the diagnosis of this disease's carrier is implemented and diagnosis of this disease is not available and low cost.

Our plan with the Thalassemia Project is to identify thalassemia carriers and rehabilitate those with Thalassemia, i.e. to create employment for them.  We want to bring those voluntary blood donors under scrutiny. It costs 850 rupees to test a person for Thalassemia. One thousand five hundred rupees for blood transfusion of a child with Thalassemia. The monthly cost for medicines is 3500 rupees.  The cost of this treatment is difficult for them. These children will not be a burden to their families. If they can do any work, they can be made to work with training. They will be able to live beautifully.  And new Thalassemia will prevent the birth of the baby.

For those who know about Thalassemia, we have tested them for less money.  But our financial capacity was not enough.  This test is expensive in Bangladesh, so many people do not test for money. If the test can be arranged at a low cost, it is possible to reduce children's birth rate with Thalassemia.  We want to start the project again.

Those who have children with Thalassemia in their families find it challenging to pay for their treatment.  One time he could no longer afford it.  Those children cannot continue their education and die without proper treatment.  We want to teach them to work according to their qualifications and cooperate in their studies.  So that they are not a burden to the family.


1. Hossain, M.S., et al., Lack of knowledge and misperceptions about thalassaemia among college students in Bangladesh: a cross-sectional baseline study. Orphanet journal of rare diseases, 2020. 15(1): p. 1-10.

2. Prothomalo There is a cure for thalassemia, but it is very expensive. 2020.

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