Donate for providing assistance to poor widows


Donate for providing assistance to poor widows

Before implementing pension plans and widow compensation in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, widows in Western economies were among the poorest and most disadvantaged people. In developing countries with underdeveloped safety nets and insurance schemes and high levels of gender disparity in rights, human growth, and access to assets and jobs, one would expect a similar situation.

Financial/economic deprivation (69%), absence of husband's will resulting in loss of properties to husband's family (55%), isolation and depression (41%), poor relationship with in-laws (41%), difficulty in social contact (21%), and imperfect accommodation are the problems found by these widows in order of priority (17%). Encouragement of female education, enhancement of women's economic empowerment, enhancing the availability and efficient use of family planning services, and encouraging men to write their wills early in marriage are some of the recommendations made to mitigate widows' hardships [1].

How we assist:

Kishore Ekta distributes rice among 20 poor widows every month. Due to lack of funding, it is not possible to support more than 20 people. We have been running this project since 2019. As a result of this cooperation, these low-income people are benefiting a lot from this rice. In addition to rice distribution, they are also taught various educational subjects and are made aware of various subjects.

1.Onadeko, M.O., et al., Problems of widowhood: a study of widows in a tertiary institution in Ibadan, south west Nigeria. African journal of medicine and medical sciences, 2002. 31(3): p. 201-206.

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