Donate for oxygen cylinder in corona epidemic


Donate for oxygen cylinder in corona epidemic

The whole world is devastated today by the Corona epidemic. Massive casualties have occurred in many countries of the developed world. It is easy to imagine how lifeless the 3rd world country, Bangladesh, can be. The number of coronary heart disease patients in Bangladesh has already exceeded 7 lakh.

Fewer patients are being identified due to lack of tests. The actual number of patients is actually much higher. Doctors say it is not possible to treat so many patients in the hospital. He advised everyone to take treatment at home. The main medical supply of corona is oxygen supply. Doctors are advising to take oxygen supply from home as there is no space in the hospitals. Many are not giving oxygen to the patient due to panic among the corona. 

We are fulfilling that difficult responsibility. We are supplying oxygen to Corona patients in different homes. These activities will be helpful for both the patient and the physician. We are providing this service free of cost to the poor in exchange for the money of the able-bodied. We have financial constraints. We want to further expand these service activities. For this we need thirty more oxygen cylinders, an ambulance driven by a driver and financial allocation for renting a room.

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