Donate for Rehabilitation by Sewing machine, Grocery Shop & Van, Cattle


Donate for Rehabilitation by Sewing machine, Grocery Shop & Van, Cattle

So far we have distributed more than 200 wheelchairs. We have given houses to 110 people, we have taken out goods from 220 people to make them self-sufficient. We have installed tubewells for mosques and madrasas and for those who apply for tubewells. So far 220 tubewells have been installed. To make them self-sufficient, we bought sewing machines for 150 people.

We help in three categories. We provide treatment to those who can be cured through treatment in different hospitals and CRP. For those who do not have only legs, artificial legs are provided in CRP. And to provide wheelchairs to those who can't do anything. We make houses for those who don't have houses, buy grocery stores, sewing machines, goats, cows to make them self-sufficient.

We are carrying on the social work with the help of our well-wishers. We are struggling to make ends meet.

By rehabilitating them, they are becoming self-reliant and able to support family members.

Those who are just physically handicapped can afford to run a shop, many poor people have applied to us for a shop. We have sold 220 people to make them self-sufficient. I bought their goods at the initial stage by shopping. Maram Ali Kaka is a long time grocer in Chandidashgati Bazar of Sirajganj Sadar Upazila. The biggest shop in the market was Maram Kakar. Uncle had a happy family by shopping. One day all the goods of the shop were burnt in the fire. He lost everything and became destitute.

After the shop was burnt down, he made a living by selling polythene, bidis and cigarettes in the market. If it rains, the shop has to be closed. But it is difficult to run a family with this income. So Kaka wanted money for the goods in the shop.

Distribution of sewing machines

To make the poor families of North Bengal self-sufficient, we have bought sewing machines for 150 people. Habiba Akhter of Dimla upazila of Nilphamari district. Studied in 8th class. Although my father is a van driver, he cannot drive a regular van due to illness. So Habiba Akhter, being talented, took sewing training two years ago to take the helm of the family beside her studies. Although she passed the sewing training with great success, Habiba could not afford a sewing machine due to poverty.

Habiba Akhter wants to use her talent to take the helm of the world as well as continue reading and writing. So Habiba Akhter asked us for a sewing machine. So to fulfil Habiba's dream, a Singer sewing machine was donated by Do Something Foundation. We have received numerous such petitions. You can come forward for Habibism if you want.

Leaving the house

We have lifted the tin house to find the families who do not have a house to sleep on. So far I have given houses to 110 people.

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