Donate Computers for Transgender Education in ICT


Donate Computers for Transgender Education in ICT

Computers are becoming an everyday occurrence. Computers also developed a highly efficient information system to aid in the organization's management. This makes it an indispensable tool for the enterprise, finance, government, entertainment, everyday life, industry, education, and administration. It can be seen that all large organizations, whether government or private, use computers for several everyday tasks, and it is one of the world's fastest-growing industries today. Computers have become an indispensable part of our lives [1]. 

People who do not identify as male or female fall into the third gender/Transgender category, an identity-based category. People who choose to act or be presented as a gender other than those assigned to them at birth based on genitalia or other criteria fall into this group. It may also apply to people who do not identify with the male or female gender roles that their society imposes on social, sexual, or gender roles. This culture in Bangladesh remains economically oppressed, living on society's margins, persecuted by the police and exploited by the general public. Many have resorted to begging and prostitution after making a living singing and dancing at weddings or during childbirth. Hijras, especially hijra sex workers, are frequently subjected to brutal violence in public places, police stations, jails, and homes. Transgender people, like transgender people worldwide, face discrimination in health, housing, education, jobs, immigration, law, and any bureaucracy that cannot categories' them as male or female [2].

We Time Aid Foundation (TAF) considered solving these problems by educating them; simply put, We don't want transgender people to be left behind in the age of science and technology. We plan to distribute computers to transgender people, but we don't have enough funds, so we need cooperation to implement this great work. It is possible to assign them technical work by giving them computer training. This will remove violence from society as well as improve their quality of life. 

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