About Us

Time Aid Foundation (Taf) is a community interest company (CIC) registered in the community registered in the UK and a charity registered in Bangladesh. It is a sister concern organisation of Time research & innovation (Tri) which is also registered in both of these countries. The formation of Taf is to look after the charitable work of Tri. It also has its own mission. Together we want to transform the society. 

We have a dedicated board of trustees to lead us in various activities and research. Currently, we are developing World Health AID, a commercial telemedicine platform for ANGTHAS to start operations for the mass population. It will offer free and paid services through web and mobile applications. The motivation of the work is to establish a worldwide healthcare system for underprivileged and disabled people at hard to reach areas affected by poverty, war and natural calamities. All our other innovative project’s details can be found on the project area of this website.

Our unique focus on upcoming projects is to take care of the environment, vulnerable and deprived people in the society who are for instance discriminated against for their sexual orientations and beliefs. By our research, we will point out the gaps and will draw a strategic plan to resolve those. Our recent research on disability, digital health and LGBT community will help the policymaker to understand the gaps in society. The details of each of the projects can be seen at https://timerni.com/work_progress. We know it is a collective responsibility and can not do it alone. Therefore, we will create a support bubble with our partners and collaborators to strike together.